From January 30 to February 24

CUPE is ready for an unprecedented campaign in the health and social services sector.

The Barrette reform merged 182 health and social services institutions down to 34. Because of this tremendous upheaval across the network, a decisive union affiliation vote will be held early in 2017, from January 30 to February 24.

More than 200,000 workers in the network will have to vote by mail to choose their new union.

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The largest union in the country is continuing its defence of workers in the health and social services network. Already supporting close to 640,000 members, CUPE puts personalized, accessible service front and centre.

Instead of prioritizing the visibility of its leadership, CUPE grants more financial autonomy to its local unions in order to respond more effectively to members’ concerns.

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In concrete terms, CUPE offers:

  • Better insurance for less;

  • A better collective agreement;

  • A union on a human scale that listens to its members;

  • Better, more accessible member services;

  • The strength of the biggest Union in Canada (nearly 640,000 members) and the biggest union federation in Quebec (the FTQ, more than 600,000 members).

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